@andreasio Google er den primære indtægtskilde for Mozilla, så jeg tror ikke, at Google er synderlig fortørnede over udviklingen.

Alicia Kennedy: On the future and why justice is more important than innovation.


Read and absorb every delicious word of this.

Small Is Beautiful

Live, this Thursday, Feb 18, 2021, at 5PM UTC. Paul Frazee (Beaker browser) will join us talk about his new decentralised social network project, CTZN.


#SmallIsBeautiful #SmallTech

Inequality requires narrative stabilizers. When you have too little and someone else has more than they can possibly use, simple logic dictates that you should take what they have.

The forbearance exercised by the many when it comes to the wealth of the few isn't down to guards or laws - rather, the laws and the guards are effective because of the *story*, the story of why this is fair, even inevitable.


Today, EFF published "Privacy Without Monopoly: Data Protection and Interoperability," a major new paper by Bennett Cyphers and me.


It's a paper that tries to resolve the tension between demanding that tech platforms gather, retain and mine less of our data, and the demand that platforms allow alternatives (nonprofits, co-ops, tinkerers, startups) to connect with their services.


@aral Exactly. I immediately thought of your research when I read it. 🙂

Looks like we'll need authentication of any kind of external code - which upon writing it seems completely obvious.

How lazy we have become...

CC @aral

Terraria developer cancels Google Stadia release after Youtube account ban that killed all of his Google services access.


@aral As far as I can tell*, SRI supports multiple hashes**, so...

What prevents Skypack from computing SRI hashes for all the different permutations of a module?

It might be pretty heavy to include if their builds are very specialized, but if not...

* Haven't tried it out in practice.
** Can it handle multiple hashes of the same algorithm, eg. sha-256?

There is no such thing as a backdoor that only lets the good guys in. Together with Tresorit, @threemaapp and Tutanota, we are calling on EU policy makers to rethink anti-encryption proposals that would introduce backdoors in encryption platforms: protonmail.com/blog/joint-stat

@openscience A UBI does nothing to reduce market power of the producers of goods.

Whatever a UBI is designed to provide is better provisioned through either single-payer or a public provider.

Universal health care, substantially expanded public housing, public ISP, single-payer food services and, of course, a job guarantee.

The only “ethical AI” for personal data is free and open AI that runs on your own devices where you own and control it. The only “ethical AI” for communal data is free and open AI owned and controlled by us all. AI/data owned and controlled by corporations is unethical to begin with.

Today, in a hearing at the Danish parliament, the minister of justice admitted that the Danish telcos could not be prosecuted or otherwise punished for ceasing the general and undifferentiated logging it has upheld for mere than a decade - despite several rulings from EUCJ against it.

A great day for privacy in Denmark!

In Pasco County, police assign crime scores to people, including minors, who they think might commit crimes—then harass them for years.

This predictive policing program is “the worst case scenario in our head, played out exactly,” says EFF's @mguariglia.

📣#FreedomBox 21.0 was released & uploaded to #Debian unstable. It will migrate to #testing in 2 days, then can be uploaded. ⚙️🔨🔧

The News:
-Allow downloads in openvpn & backups
-Updates for 8 languages 🌐
-12 contributed 🥸


@lutindiscret @e_mydata The last 50% had lots of questions on what you would like to see in a privacy-respecting OS.

Thanks to SIDN Funds we are working to develop an integrated privacy center for #Android and /e/OS. We want an app tailored to your needs, so we'd like your input! Take our anonymous survey about privacy & related issues on mobile phones here :
#privacy #opensource #yourdataisYOURdata

@andreasio I'd definitely check out @aral's site.js and JSDB out. It's not git pull but it looks plenty easy to get up and running.

Small is Beautiful

Our first stream for 2021 is tomorrow.

Join @laura and me for an update on our work on @better, Site.js (sitejs.org), and Small Web (small-tech.org/research-and-de).

Have your webcam/mic and headphones ready if you want to join the conversation in the studio.


#SmallIsBeautiful #SmallTech #SmallWeb #LiveStream

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