Does a livestreaming videochat solution exist that will allow me to record the raw input streams of the participants (locally in the background)?

I'd like to be able to conduct panel debates / interviews and both livestream them as well as create higher quality recordings not subject to network issues.

Basically Jitsi Meet, but with local copies of raw streams for post-processing.

@aral, do you by any chance know of such a solution?

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@joelving Take a look at It’s added experimental support for making local recordings of videos.

@joelving And in case that’s not a link for you (I just saw that it’s not on the Mastodon client): :)

@aral Thanks for the suggestion!
I can't seem to find the local recording option, even in the beta, except that you can pipe it into OBS studio yourself, which sounds like what I'm looking for - for the host. I'm can't figure out if it would allow all participants to do the same with their raw streams...

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